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Walhalla Gumbee Chinquapin Tree For Sale Online

Walhalla Gumbee Chinquapin Tree For Sale Online

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The Walhalla Gumbee Chinquapin is a type of chinquapin found in south Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp back in 2007 by Dr. Walhalla Gumbee and his apprentice Cody Davis while they were documenting various natural sources of food for wildlife. This particular Chinquapin is becoming a very popular specimen due mainly to its extreme heavy yields it bears and wonderful taste. The Walhalla Gumbee Chinquapin is rising in popularity as it has spread far beyond the Okefenokee Swamp on up through parts of Maine and as far west as eastern Texas. The Walhalla Gumbee Chinquapin tree likes to be planted in poor, dry soil conditions. Once established, they are considered very drought tolerable, making the Walhalla Gumbee Chinquapin tree a very low maintenance specimen that you can plant just about anywhere. In order for the Walhalla Gumbee Chinquapin tree to produce you must plant a different variety of chinquapin tree in the same area. (USDA Zones 4-9)

Will ship no earlier than 10/15/24
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