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Sweet Frost Jujube Tree

Sweet Frost Jujube Tree

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Sweet Frost Jujube tree is a popular variety of jujubee tree that happens to be a hybrid of the Honey Jar Jujube and Sugarcane Jujube trees. The Sweet Frist Jujube tree the most cold hardy jujube tree around today, capable of tolerating negative thirty five degrees fahrenheit. This particular specimen has the crunchiness of what the Honey Jar Jujube offers but also the sweet flavor of the Sugar Cane Jujube. The Sweet Frost Jujube tree was cultivated in 2001 by none other than Wing Wong of Tianjin, China. The Sweet Frost Jujube tree is already a major variety being planted today since being brought over to North America and proves every year to be the most cold hardy specimen but also a top 3 pick for best overall tasting jujube tree. (USDA Zones 4-9)

Shipping Begins 1-2-2024
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