‘Shiranui’ Mandarin, ‘Dekopon’ or ‘Sumo Mandarin’

‘Shiranui’ Mandarin, ‘Dekopon’ or ‘Sumo Mandarin’


'Shiranui' Mandarin. 'Shiranui' is a Japanize hybrid (1972) between a Ponkan Tangerine and a Kiyomi. 'Shiranui' is a seedless, sweet variety of mandarin orange. 'Shironui' is distinguished by its super sweet taste, large fruit and the large protruding bump on the top of the fruit. 'Shiranui' mandarin, peels like a tangerine, but is considered the most sweet orange available in the States. If growing it in a pot in colder areas, bringing it indoors from a little before the first frost to early spring. If wanting a patio orange tree, it requires to be in Zone 4 - 7. If planting outside, requires Zone 8 - 11. (Shipping Only In GA.) 


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