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Meiwa Kumquat Tree For Sale Online

Meiwa Kumquat Tree For Sale Online

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The Meiwa Kumquat tree is a must-have for any avid citrus fan to plant in their own yard. This is the sweetest cultivar of kumquats on this planet and is fairly easy maintain requiring very little maintenance. The Meiwa Kumquat tree has all kinds of health benefits to their fruit that is attracting more and more people to eating them. This specimen is truly a piece of candy growing on a tree, especially when eaten fresh. This is also a very rare fruit that is hardly ever found in local food markets due to how scarce they are. It was originally brought from Japan to China back in the 70's due to how popular is was getting. Now it is slowly making its presence known here in the USA. You should plant your Meiwa Kumquat tree in a area that gets a lot of sun and maintains a slightly moist soil profile. The Meiwa Kumquat tree can also be patio grown in a container and is  true dwarf-sized tree that won't typically reach over 6ft tall. (USDA Zones 8-11)

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