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'Mango' Pawpaw Tree (Grafted) For Sale Online

'Mango' Pawpaw Tree (Grafted) For Sale Online

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The Mango Pawpaw tree, also known to some as the 'Collin's Pawpaw tree' was discovered in Tifton, Georgia by Major C. Collins in 1970. This Pawpaw tree is a very vigorous cultivar of pawpaw trees and produces a pawpaw fruit that has a very mango aftertaste to it. The Mango Pawpaw tree is not tolerant for growing near salt water and is also not self fertile, requiring a different cultivar to be planted with for fruit production. Expect to see the leaves appear smaller than those of its fellow pawpaw tree types. The Mango Pawpaw tree grows medium-large size fruit and is ready for harvest in October. (USDA Zones 5-8)

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