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Kanapaha Bamboo (clumping) For Sale Online

Kanapaha Bamboo (clumping) For Sale Online

PriceFrom $99.95
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The Kanapaha Bamboo, also referred to as 'Royal Bamboo' is a clumping variety that produces a unique shade of blue in its stalks that typically reach around 2 1/2 inches in diameter. This specimen is cold hardy down to around 10 degrees fahrenheit and will send its beautiful bamboo stalks upwards to approximately 50ft tall. You can plant the Kanapaha Bamboo in either partial shade or full sun with no issues due to the bamboo being very adaptive to many, many different soil profiles and lighting. The Kanapaha Bamboo is perfect for screening areas for privacy and will help reach the barrier you desire within the first year of planting! (USDA Zones 7-10)

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