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EZ Tree Wrap For Sale Online

EZ Tree Wrap For Sale Online

PriceFrom $10.95
Excluding Sales Tax

The EZ Tree Wrap is a must-have for anyone who is needing to protect their newly planted investment! The EZ Tree Wrap is designed to simply wrap around the tree to a fitting that you like and with the tiny holes drilled along the ends you just line up your holes for the zip ties to fit through for quick and easy fastening. If you have wildlife in your area constantly like deer for example, this is the perfect product to keep you from having to replant all over again. The EZ Tree Wrap saves you so much headache! This product doesn't just protect your investment, but it also acts just like a minature greenhouse would. When the tree is inside the wrap, the heat and moisture that builds up inside the wrap helps promote new and faster growth for the tree-helping you achieve the most out of your growing season! This product comes in two different sizes, 24inches tall and 48inches tall. This truly is the easiest protection available for your trees, so dont plant without it!                                                                                                                                                                  

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