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Deer Candy Persimmon Tree

Deer Candy Persimmon Tree

PriceFrom $39.95

Rated #1 for planting in food plots, the Deer Candy Persimmon tree never ceases to impress! The Deer Candy Persimmon tree, obviously known for providing the wonderful fruit deer love; is not just known for its fruit but is also known for the presence it draws to it from deer. Deer simply run to this particular tree, giving hunters the traffic they desire where they are hunting. The Deer Candy Persimmon tree can be planted in full or partial sun it can be planted on its own however having another persimmon tree in the area will surely enhance its yield. The Deer Candy Persimmon tree is cold hardy down to approximately negative twenty degrees fahrenhiet, giving northern states a great option for bringing in more deer to their area! (USDA Zones 5-9)

Will ship once dormant this Fall season
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