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Citronella Plant For Sale Online

Citronella Plant For Sale Online

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The Citronella Plant is among our most beneficial plants to choose from in this world for so many different reasons. First off, the Citronella plant is an excellent repellent  for mosquitos, flies and ticks just to name a few due to the odor being a very unpleasant smell to them. The smell is however a very fragrant smell that a lot of homeowners prefer when planting in their yards as it gives off a citrus smell that is indeed quite aromatic. This particular specimen is also known for keeping spiders away as well, because spiders hate the smell and tend to turn around and go the other way!  Citronella plants do exceptionally well whether grown outside or inside since they are renown for being very simple and low maintenance plants to care for. They require partial shade for the most part and are very drought tolerant. For people growing citronella up north, just simply plant them in a pot and bring them indoors during colder parts of the year. (USDA Zones 8b-11)

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